Auto CAD Training

Auto CAD Course

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Absolute Co-ordinate System
  • Relative Polar Co-ordinate System
  • Relative Rectangular Co-ordinate System
  • Rectangle, Circle, Polygon
  • Zoom, Limits, Pan
  • Arcs, Eclipse, Donut, Fill
  • Region, Selection Methods. Osnap Modes, Polar Tracking, Object Snap Tracking
  • (Modify commands) Copy, offset, Mirror.
  • Array, Trim, Fillet
  • Chamfer, Move, Rotate
  • Extend, Scale, Strech, Break and Join
  • Hatch, Boundary, Hatch Edit
  • Isometric Views, Snap, Grid, Ellipse, Isoplane
  • Rotation pLine, Pedit, Explode
  • Text, Multiline text, Style
  • Mirrtext, Arctext, DDEdit,tcircle,textmask,textfit
  • Dimensions Creation, Basic Dimensions
  • Dimensions Modification
  • Dimension Style
  • Enquiry Commands
  • Function Keys, Ray, Xline, Sketch,
  • Multiline, Multiline Style, Multi line Edit
  • Block, Write Block, Insert, MInsert , Divide, Measure
  • Drawing units, Civil plan
  • AutoCAD Design Center, Rename, Multiple, View
  • Layers
  • Viewers, DS Viewer, Purge
  • Attributes Definition, DDAtte , Attdisp
  • Group, Filter, Qselect. Script
  • XREF, X-attach, X-Clip
  • Image, Image Attach, Image Adjust, Image Quality, Image Clip
  • Creation of Simple and Complex Line Types
  • Creation of Hatch Patterns, Creation of Shapes, Toolbars
  • Introduction to 3D, 3D C0-Ordinate System
  • Vpoint, DDVpoint, 3D Surfaces. Shademode, 3DOrbit
  • Solid Models
  • Union, Subtract, Intersect, Interfere
  • Chamfer, Fillet, UCS
  • 3D Operations- Mirror3D, Rotate3D, Align, 3DArray
  • Slice, Section, Sweep, Revolve, Loft
  • Solid editing , DDUCS
  • Rendering- Rmat, Light,
  • Vports, Layout, MSpace, PSpace, Vclip, Mview, Layout Wizard, Page setup, Plot
  • Print Setting

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