CAESAR Training

CAESAR Course Content

  • Purpose of Pipe Stress Analysis - An Overview.
  • The Reasons for Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Design Considerations for Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Information Required for Pipe Stress Analysis
  • What Information to be provided in Pipe Stress Analysis Report
Pipe Flexibility Analysis per ASME B31.3
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Logic
  • Minimum Flexibility Requirements
  • Stress Range Reduction Factor - f
  • Piping Flexibility – General Consideration
  • Stress Analysis Flexibility Requirements
  • Stress Analysis's Function
  • Scope of Code Requirements
Stresses due to Sustained Loads,Displacement Strains and Occasional Loads
  • Longitudinal Stress
  • Longitudinal Stress from Pressure
  • Longitudinal stress due to weight
  • Allowable Displacement Stress range
  • Basic Allowable Stress at maximum material temperature
Stress Analysis in Piping Systems
  • Stresses in Piping Systems.
  • Failure Modes of Piping System
  • Theories of Failure
  • Classification of Stresses in Piping System
  • Sustain & Expansion Stresses in Different Piping System Configuration
  • Loads Present in Piping System & it's Combinations
  • Support & Hanger Selection for Piping Systems
  • Equipment Nozzle Load Qualifications
  • Evaluation of local vessel stresses
  • Making & Configuring Unit File for New Job
  • Configuring Uniform Load for New Job
  • Piping Input Generation & Modeling
  • Model Error Checking: Resolving Fatal Error & Warnings
  • Running a Static Analysis

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