CATIA Training

CATIA Course Content

  • Introduction to CATIA, Profile, Predefined Profiles, Circles, Line, Conics, Points, Spline, Connect Spline
  • Corner, Chamfer, Trim, Break, Quick Trim, Close, Compliment, Mirror, Symmetry
  • Translate, Rotate, Scale, Offset, Constraints creation, Creating Relations, Editing Constraints
  • Sketch based features: Pad, Pocket, Multi pad, Multi pocket
  • Sketch based features: Shaft, Groove, Rib, Slot
  • Sketch based features: Hole, Sffener, Solid Combine
  • Sketch based features: Multi Sections Solids, Removed Multi Sections Solid
  • Dress-up features: Fillet, Chamfer
  • Draft, Shell
  • Replace Face, Delete Faces & Thickness
  • Transformation features: Translate, Rotate, Mirror
  • Symmetry ,Pattern, Scale, Affinity
  • Boolean Operations: Assembly, Add, Remove, Intersect, remove Lump ,Union Trim
  • Reference Elements- Plane, Line and Point
  • Power Copy Creation, User defined features, Surface Based features
  • Types of assemblies, creating assembly constraints
  • Assembly Features: Hole, Pocket, Add, Remove
  • Analysis of Assemblies: Degrees of freedom, Clash, Distance Analysis, Seconing
  • Types of Drafting- Creating views, Sections, Projections, Details, Clippings, Break view, Wizard
  • Drawing Sheets, Creating Dimensions and Tolerance
  • Generation of bill of materials, Dimensions, Balloons, Annotations
  • Dress-up features, Sheet Background
  • Surfaces Creation, Projections, Intersections
  • Wireframe
  • Operations
  • Sweep ,Advanced Replication tools
  • Walls, Swept walls, Extrusion, Bending, Cutout, Hole, Corner, Chamfer
  • Corner relief, Shape Mapping, Stamping, User Stamp
  • Transformations, Manufacturing preparation
  • Rolled walls, Recognize

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