GIS Training

GIS Course Content

Module 1-Digitization in Auto CADMap3D, ArcMap
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Mapping the spherical Earth including
  • Data Captura from different Sources(maps,satillite,GPS etc...)
  • DXF to Arc Coverage Conversions
  • Data Conversion from an AutoCad file to an Arc Coverage
Module 2-DBMS Concepts
  • Geogarphic Concepts
  • Organizing the Maps
  • Database is the backbone of GIS
  • Create a steamlined
  • Create Database and manage database
Module 3-Map Compositions
  • Working with Vector Data
  • Working with Raster Data
  • Converting of vectors from one projection to another using Arc Toolbox
  • Final Composition of the finished product for print onto a plotter projection
  • Working with Projection
  • Working with WGS1984
Module 4-Creation of DEM
  • Geo-processing tasks
  • Geo-Referencing
  • Working with Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Module 5
  • Geostatistical Analyst
  • Watershed Delineation Analysis
  • Hydrology Spatial Analysis
  • Calculating Surface Volumes
Module 6
  • Remote Sensing Workflow

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