Latest Dotnet IEEE Abstracts and Basepapers(2015-2016)

SlnoProject TitleDomainDownload
MSSD01 Privacy protection for telecare medicine   information systems using a chaotic map-based Biomedical and Health Informatics    
Cloud Computing
MSSD02 A Forecasting Methodology for Workload Forecasting in Cloud Systems Cloud Computing    
MSSD03 Attribute-Based Data Sharing Scheme Revisited in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing    
MSSD04 Catch You if You Misbehave Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing    
MSSD06 Conditional Identity-based Broadcast Proxy Re-Encryption and Its Application to Cloud Email Cloud Computing    
MSSD07 Dual-Server Public-Key Encryption with Keyword Search for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing    
MSSD08 Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration Cloud Computing    
MSSD09 Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability for Coded Cloud Computing    
MSSD10 Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates Cloud Computing    
MSSD11 Fast and Scalable Range Query Processing With Strong Privacy Protection for Cloud Cloud Computing    
MSSD12 Fine-grained Two-factor Access Control for Web-based Cloud Computing Services Cloud Computing    
MSSD13 Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing    
MSSD14 MMBcloud-tree Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection Cloud Computing    
MSSD15 Prioritization of Overflow Tasks to Improve Performance of Mobile Cloud Cloud Computing    
MSSD16 Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation of Online User Behavior Data Cloud Computing    
MSSD17 Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Cloud Computing    
MSSD18 Publicly Verifiable Inner Product Evaluation over Outsourced Data Streams under Multiple Keys Cloud Computing    
MSSD19 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Cloud Computing    
MSSD20 Searchable Attribute-Based Mechanism with Efficient Data Sharing for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing    
Data Mining
MSSD21 A Recommendation System to Facilitate Business Process Modeling Data Mining    
MSSD22 Bilevel Feature Extraction-Based Text Mining Data Mining    
MSSD23 Explaining Missing Answers to Top-k SQL Queries Data Mining    
MSSD24 Incremental Consolidation of Data-Intensive Multi-Flows Data Mining    
MSSD25 Modeling and Verification of Online Shopping Data Mining    
MSSD26 Optimal Shipping Strategy and Return Service Data Mining    
MSSD27 Personalizing Sample Databases With Facebook Data Mining    
MSSD28 Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Media Search Data Mining    
MSSD29 Text Mining the Contributors to Rail Accidents Data Mining    
MSSD30 Trust-but-Verify Verifying Result Correctness of Outsourced Frequent Item set Mining Data Mining    
MSSD31 User Preference Learning for Online Social Recommendation Data Mining    
Image Processing
MSSD32 Democratic Diffusion Aggregation for Image Image Processing-Multimedia    
MSSD33 Filtering of Brand-related Microblogs using Social-Smooth Multiview Embedding Image Processing-Multimedia    
MSSD34 PiCode a New Picture-Embedding 2D Barcode Image Processing-Multimedia    
MSSD35 Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation Image Processing-Multimedia    
MSSD36 TagBook A Semantic Video Representation without     Supervision for Event Detection Image Processing-Multimedia    
Information Security
MSSD37 An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Outsourced  Calculation Toolkits with Multiple Keys Information Security    
MSSD38 Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications Information Security    
MSSD39 Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Information Security    
MSSD40 Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Association Rule Mining on Vertically Partitioned Databases Information Security    
MSSD41 Steganalysis features for content adaptive JPEG steganography Information Security    
MSSD42 Two level QR code for private message sharing and document authentication Information Security    
Mobile Computing
MSSD43 Friendbook: A Semantic-based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks MOBILE COMPUTING    
MSSD44 Service Usage Classification with Encrypted Internet Traffic in Mobile Messaging Apps MOBILE COMPUTING    
MSSD45 Beating the Artificial Chaos Fighting OSN Spam Using Its Own Templates Networking    
Secure Computing
MSSD46 CDStore: Toward Reliable, Secure, and Cost-Efficient Cloud Storage via Convergent Dispersal Secure Cloud Computing    
MSSD47 Measuring the Influence of Perceived Cybercrime Risk on Online Service Avoidance Secure Computing    
MSSD48 Shadow Attacks based on Password Reuses A Quantitative Empirical Analysis Secure Computing    
MSSD49 Two Birds with One Stone Two-Factor Authentication with Security Beyond Conventional Bound Secure Computing    
MSSD50 Covering the Sensitive Subjects to Protect Personal Privacy in Personalized Recommendation Transactions on Services Computing