Latest Java IEEE Abstracts and Basepapers(2015-2016)

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Cloud Computing
MSSJ01 DeyPoS: Deduplicatable Dynamic Proof of Storage for Multi-User Environments Cloud Computing    
MSSJ02 Dual-Server Public-Key Encryption With Keyword Search for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing    
MSSJ03 Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud Cloud Computing    
MSSJ04 Enabling Personalized Search over Encrypted Outsourced Data with Efficiency Improvement Cloud Computing    
MSSJ05 Encrypted Data Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing    
MSSJ06 NATERGM A Model for Examining the Role of Nodal Attributes in Dynamic Social Media Networks Cloud Computing    
MSSJ08 SecRBAC: Secure data in the Clouds Cloud Computing    
MSSJ09 Secure Data Deduplication with Dynamic Ownership Management in Cloud Storage Cloud Computing    
MSSJ10 An Effective Scheduling Approach for Delay Bounded Tasks in Hybrid Clouds Cloud Computing    
MSSJ11 Two-Factor Data Security Protection Mechanism for Cloud Storage System Cloud Computing    
Data Mining
MSSJ12 Comprehensive Study on Willingness Maximization for Social Activity Planning with Quality Guarantee Data Mining    
MSSJ14 Connecting Social Media to E-CommerceCold-Start Product Recommendation Using Microblogging Information Data Mining    
MSSJ15 Crawling Hidden Objects with kNN Queries Data Mining    
MSSJ16 Cross-Platform Identification of Anonymous Identical Users in Multiple Social Media Networks Data Mining    
MSSJ17 Cyberbullying Detection based on Semantic-Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder Data Mining   
MSSJ18 Efficiently Estimating Statistics of Points of Interests on Maps Data Mining   
MSSJ19 Ensembling Classifiers for Detecting User’s Intentions behind Web Queries Data Mining   
MSSJ20 Inverted Linear Quadtree: Efficient Top K Spatial Keyword Search Data Mining   
MSSJ21 Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams Data Mining   
MSSJ22 Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multi-dimensional Datasets Data Mining   
MSSJ23 Online Learning in Large-Scale Contextual Recommender Systems Data Mining   
MSSJ24 Online Subgraph Skyline Analysis over Knowledge Graphs Data Mining   
MSSJ25 Practical Approximate k Nearest NeighborQueries with Location and Query Privacy Data Mining   
MSSJ26 Prefix-adaptive and Time-sensitive Personalized Query Auto Completion Data Mining   
MSSJ27 Quality-Aware Subgraph Matching Over Inconsistent Probabilistic Graph Databases Data Mining   
MSSJ28 Relevance Feedback Algorithms Inspired By Quantum Detection Data Mining   
MSSJ29 Resolving Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media Data Mining   
MSSJ30 Sentiment Embeddings with Applications to Sentiment Analysis Data Mining   
MSSJ31 Tell Me What You Eat, and I Will Tell You Where You Come From: A Data Science Approach for Global Recipe Data on the Web Data Mining   
MSSJ32 Toward Efficient Multi-Keyword Fuzzy Search Over Encrypted Outsourced Data With Accuracy Improvement Data Mining   
MSSJ33 Uncertainty Analysis for the Keyword System of Web Events Data Mining   
Image Processing
MSSJ34 2DCrypt Image Scaling and Cropping in Encrypted Domains Image processing   
MSSJ35 A Locality Sensitive Low-Rank Model for Image Tag Completion Image processing   
MSSJ36 Enhancing Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by Re-ranking and Relevance Feedback Image processing   
MSSJ37 Multi-Modal Event Topic Model for Social Event Analysis Image processing   
MSSJ38 Tag Based Image Search by Social Re-ranking Image processing   
MSSJ39 Understanding Deep Representations Learned in Modeling Users ‘Likes’ Image processing   
Information Security
MSSJ40 Server-Aided Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search Information Security   
MSSJ41 Then and Now On the Maturity of the Cybercrime Markets The Lesson That Black-Hat Information Security   
MSSJ42 Where You Are Is Who You Are User Identification by Matching Statistics Information Security   
MSSJ43 ID2S Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols Networking   
MSSJ44 Mitigating Cross-Site Scripting Attacks with a Content Security Policy Networking   
MSSJ45 Social Friend Recommendation Based on Multiple Network Correlation Networking   
MSSJ46 Topic-Oriented Exploratory Search Based on an Indexing Network Networking   
MSSJ47 Trust Agent-Based Behavior Induction in Social Networks Networking   
Secure Computing
MSSJ48 A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System Secure Computing