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LoadRunner Performance Testing Essentials

Course Overview:

Welcome to the LoadRunner Performance Testing Essentials course! LoadRunner is a powerful performance testing tool widely used in the software industry to assess the scalability and reliability of web applications. In this comprehensive training, you will learn the ins and outs of LoadRunner, equipping you with the skills to conduct performance tests, analyze results, and optimize application performance effectively.

Course Description:

The LoadRunner Performance Testing Essentials course is designed for both beginners and experienced testers who want to enhance their performance testing capabilities using LoadRunner. Through a hands-on and practical approach, you will gain a deep understanding of LoadRunner's various components, scripting techniques, and performance analysis methodologies.

Course Objectives:

Introduction to Performance Testing: Understand the importance of performance testing and its impact on web applications. Explore the different types of performance tests, including load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing.

LoadRunner Architecture: Dive into LoadRunner’s architecture, including its components such as the Virtual User Generator (VuGen), Controller, and Analysis. Learn how these components work together to simulate user interactions and collect performance data.

Scripting Virtual Users: Master VuGen, LoadRunner’s scripting tool, to create realistic virtual user scripts that mimic user behavior on web applications. Learn various scripting techniques to handle dynamic content and user actions.

Performance Test Execution: Configure and execute performance tests using the LoadRunner Controller. Understand the importance of test scenarios, load generators, and load distribution strategies for accurate performance simulations.

Monitoring and Analysis: Utilize LoadRunner Analysis to interpret performance test results. Learn to identify performance bottlenecks, measure response times, and analyze server-side metrics to optimize application performance.

Script Enhancements: Enhance virtual user scripts by incorporating checkpoints, parameterization, and transactions. Understand how to simulate user actions under different scenarios to create realistic load patterns.

Correlation and Data Handling: Discover techniques for correlation to handle dynamic values and data handling to manage test data effectively. Ensure realistic test data generation for reliable test outcomes.

Performance Test Results: Interpret and present performance test results to stakeholders effectively. Learn how to generate reports, graphs, and visualizations to communicate performance insights clearly.


Basic knowledge of software testing concepts and web applications is beneficial. Familiarity with programming languages like JavaScript and a general understanding of web protocols (HTTP/HTTPS) will be advantageous, though not mandatory.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification of achievement, showcasing your proficiency in LoadRunner performance testing essentials.

Join us in this LoadRunner Performance Testing Essentials course and elevate your performance testing expertise. Enroll today and unlock the potential to identify and mitigate performance bottlenecks, ensuring superior user experiences and optimal application performance. Become a LoadRunner expert and contribute to the success of your organization's performance testing endeavors.

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